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"Command a king's ship" Alexander Kent/ Paperback 9780099109204

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"Command a King's Chief" Alexander Kent



In March 1784, at a time when most of the fleet was laid up, His Majesty's frigate Undine weighed anchor at Spithead to begin a voyage to India and far beyond. As her new captain, Richard Bolitho was glad to go, despite the nature of his orders and the immensity of the voyage - for he was leaving an England still suffering from the aftermath of war. But he was to learn that signatures on proud documents did not necessarily make a lasting peace, and found himself involved in a conflict as ruthless as the one which had given him his first command during the war with France.

In an uneasy peace the expansion of trade and colonial development in little-known areas of the East Indies soon pushed aside the pretence and brought the guns' fury into the open. There was no set line of battle or declared cause to rally Undine's small company. But the dangers and the endless demands had to be faced by the man who commanded the only King's ship available.


Editeur: Arrow Books

Auteur: Alexander Kent


Thèmes: Richard Bolitho,Indes orientales, navires en bois, action navale, haute mer, officier de marine, navire de guerre, la fin de l'américain, marin, la Grande-Bretagne, Histoire militaire de fiction, littérature anglaise, histoire britannique, Marine, fiction navale, 18è siècle, eaux coloniales, frégate


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Format : Poche

Nb Pages: 320

Isbn: 9780099109204

Poids: 200 g

Parution: 1973

Etat: Edition de 1973, très bon état de conservation, texte très frais, légères rousseurs sur la tranche.


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