THE ECONOMIST Vol.435 n°9199 20/06/2020 The new world disorder, a special report/ Britain's pitiful pandemic/ Amazon's day after/ Green investing/ Pandemic and wars THE ECO 2020/06/20

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MAGAZINE ANGLAIS, DU 20 JUIN 2020 VOL.435 N°9199, 78 PAGES, CELEBRE REVUE DE REFERENCE, EN ANGLAIS. Couverture avec quelques marques mineures, intérieur frais

In this issue:

The world this week 2 pages

Leaders: The new world disorder: If America pulls back from global institutions, other countries must step forward 1 page

The pandemic: Not Britain's finest hour: The country has the wrong government for a pandemic 1 page


Amazon: Investors act as if Jeff Bezos's technology conglomerate will keep growing like a youthful startup. Can it? 4 pages


Poland's electon: President Andrzej Duda says gay ideology is worse than communism 1 page

Belarus's slipper revolt/ Why furlough works/ the trouble with rural France 2 pages

Charlemagne: How a dining club took over the EU 1 page


Covid-19: The British state provides a case in how not to respond to a pandemic 3 pages

Bagehot: Losing his grip 1 page


Covid-19 in Africa: African countries are struggling to keep track of the coronavirus 2 pages

Malawi's election re-run/ Football and war/ Taxing Africa cities/ The crisis in Syria 3 pages


State finances: Covid-19 is a disaster for state budgets. This threatens to cost lives and set back economic recovery 2 pages

LGBT rights/ Midwives: ripe for rebirth/ John Bolton's revelations/ Bill de Blasio/ Maine politics 4 pages

Lexington: A shovel-ready project 1 page


Covid-19: Mexico's failures illustrate why Latin America is now the centre of the pandemic 2 pages


Leadership vacuum: Misisng in action 2 pages

Power plays: China rising 2 pages

Peacekeeping: Global firefighting: The UN has too much on its plate 2 pages

Nuclear trials: avoidable Armaggedon 2/3 page

The reform test: The structures built in 1945 are not fit for 2020, let alone beyond it 1 page

Asking the world: The wisdom of youth: Mobilising fot the next quarter-century 1 page

Looking ahead: three future scenarios 1 page


The Sino-Indian border, death valley: India and China have their first deadly clash in 45 years 2 pages

Etiquette for civil servants/ Singapore's migrants get more room/ North Korea's cry for attention 2 pages


The South China sea: China is stepping up efforts to assert its authority in the South China Sea. Could its next move be in the skies above it? 2 pages

Chaguan: Xhy China bulles 1 page


Pandemics and war: Covid-19 raises the risks of violent conflict 3 pages


Luxury in the pandemic: Slow times in the luxury world will separate the bling from the chaff 2 pages

Race in Silicon valley/ Bartleby: Waging war on recessions/ samsun scandals/ Corporate bust-ups in China/ Inside JBA Holding 4 pages

Schumpeter: Zoom and gloom 1 page


Green investing: Financiers talk ever more about climate change. How much can they do about it? 3 pages


The Federal Reserve (1): The Fed has benn supporting markets. Now it must find ways to boost growth2 pages

The successes of dollar-swap lines/ Looser purse-strings in the euro zone/ China's generous poverty measure/ The economics of reparations/ Buttonwood: Retail punters/ Global trade: Stranded merchant seamen 5 pages

Free exchange: changing room 1 page


Arctic exploration: The voyage of the icebreaker Polarstern is revealing the Arctic's secrets 3 pages


The fate of nations: Why has Spain's modern history been so tumultuous? 2 pages

Goths vs Romans/ The news as art 2 pages

Rewatching "The Prisoner"/ Illness in literature 1 page


The Sahel: Jihadists and ethnic militias are ravaging a fragile African region 1 page


Lily LIan, the lark of metro Barbès 1 page

Les avis sur le produit THE ECONOMIST Vol.435 n°9199 20/06/2020 The new world disorder, a special report/ Britain's pitiful pandemic/ Amazon's day after/ Green investing/ Pandemic and wars

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