THE ECONOMIST Vol.436 n°9201 Retro or radical? Joe Biden and his policy platform/ The world if: scenarios of different climate futures THE ECO 2020/07/04

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MAGAZINE ANGLAIS, DU 4 JUILLET 2020 VOL.436 N°9201, 78 PAGES, CELEBRE REVUE DE REFERENCE, EN ANGLAIS. Couverture avec quelques marques mineures, intérieur frais

In this issue:

The world this week 2 pages

Leaders: Retro or radical? Why Joe Biden's instinctive caution makes real change possible 1 page


Joe Biden: A consummate moderate in his late 70s, Joe Biden has a good chance of becoming a president with an ambitious, activist policy platform 3 pages


Russia: After 20 years in power, Vladimir Putin's legitimacy is draining away 2 pages

France: the president's dilemmas/ Ireland: a new world 2 pages

Charlemagne: Let expats vote 1 page


Producing a vaccine: Oxford University has taken the lead in the race to produce a covid-19 vaccine/ Relations with China: getting off the fence 2 pages

Bagehot: Giving the bureaucrats a rocket 1 page


The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: Time is running out for gypt, Ethiopia and Sudan to reach aa deal on Africa's largest hydro-electric project 2 pages

Malawi's new president/ Another sort of plague (locusts)/ Sierra Leone: guild of thieves 2 pages


The presidential election: The polls, political fundamentals and key voters have all turned against Donald Trump 2 pages

Chief Justice John Roberts/ Capital punishment/ The Democratic left 3 pages

Lexington: It's messing with Texas 1 page


Mexican-American relations: Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Donald trump plan a frenemies' get-together 1 page

Cuba's mule train stalls/ Cartagena reconsiders tourism 2 pages


Scenarios for a warming world: What if...

...the Republican party went green 2 pages

...water shortages destabilised China 2 pages

...climate activists turned to terrorism 1 page

...carbon removal became the new Big Oil 2 pages

...covid-19 devastated aviation 2 pages

...all carbon emissions were tracked 2 pages

...mammoths were recreated 2 pages

...nuclear power had taken off 1 page


The war in Afghanistan: The more the peace process progresses, the more incertainties it exposes 2 pages

India hits back China/ India's obsession with Tik Tok/ Singapore's urban farms/ Charity in Vietnam 4 pages


Honk Kong's freedoms: A new national-security bill is far harsher than most people predicted/ Popular culture: boisterous fans 2 pages

Chaguan: The great unifer 1 page


The pandemic's next stage: Covid-19 is here to stay. The word will struggle to keep it at bay 3 pages


Business in India: Foreign investors are rediscovering that the road to riches in India runs through powerful local partners 2 pages

Meal-delivery wars heat up/ Airlins' change Corsia/ The facebook boycott/ Nissan's new man has a plan/ FedEx seeks deliverance/ Parcel drones 4 pages

Schumpeter: The legacy of Chesapeake 1 page


Public finances: The poorest countries may owe les to China than previously thought 2 pages

Are banks safer than in 2008?/ Investment banking in China/ Trade finance goes digital/ America's unfazed housing market 4 pages

Free exchange: A latin American tragedy 1 page


Hydrogen power: After many false starts, hydrogen power might now be about to bear fruit 3 pages

Phylloxera: a pest's genome reveals tha past and shines light on how to deal with it in future 1 page


Urban history: A pair of displaced dynasties, the Sassoons and the kandoories, helped shape two extraordinary cities 2 pages

Autocracy in America/ Fictional secrets and lies/ Michael Coel's moment 3 pages

Back in water with "Jaws" 2/3 page


Covid-19 and lockdowns 1 page


Li Zhensheng (photographer and chronicler of China's Cultural Revolution) 1 page

Les avis sur le produit THE ECONOMIST Vol.436 n°9201 Retro or radical? Joe Biden and his policy platform/ The world if: scenarios of different climate futures

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