THE ECONOMIST Vol.436 n°9202 11/07/2020 The new ideology of race and what's wrong with it THE ECO 2020/07/11

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MAGAZINE ANGLAIS, DU 11 JUILLET 2020 VOL.436 N°9202, 74 PAGES, CELEBRE REVUE DE REFERENCE, EN ANGLAIS. Couverture en bon état, intérieur frais

In this issue:

The world this week 2 pages

Leaders: The new ideology of race 1 page


Race in America: Black Americans have made too little progress since the 1960s. Realistic policies to speed things up exist 3 pages


Turkey: Converting Istanbul's hagia Sophia/ France's reshuffle: an unknown prime minister reinforces a centralised presidency/ Bosnia's memory war 3 pages

Spain's economy: The left-wing government may not be able to afford its promises 1 page

Charlemagne: a Dutch dilemma 1 page


Relations with China: As the relationship deteriorates, China could make Britain squirm 2 pages

Bagehot: Fading Anglophilia 1 page


Jihad in the Sahel: Jihadists in the sahel are gaining ground, threatening west africa's coastal states 2 pages

Zimbabwe: for a few dollars more/ Ethiopia: The fragile federation 1 page

Iran and the bomb: A series of odd explosions in Iran may augur a return to the shadow war over its 1 page


Economic policy: America's huge stimulus is having surprising effects on the poor 1 page

Kansas Senate race/ Poliving: Bands of blue/ Chaplains: Civil rites 3 pages

Lexington: The mark of Cain 1 page


Covid-19in India: Infections are soaring, but increased testing may help 2 pages

Regional development in South Korea/ Asylum in Taiwan/ Australia and lockdown 3 pages

Lockdown  in the Philippines: Four months and counting 1 page


AI (artificial intelligence) and its limits 10 pages


Brazil: Missionaries are eager to convert isolated indigenous groups in the Amazon. Brazil's president is on their side 2 pages


Civil society: Non-governmental organisations have helped the state provide covid-related relief. That will not earn them more freedom/ Human rights: Under a new national-security law, Hong Kong is already a changed city 2 pages

Chaguan: American soft power, trashed 1 page


Race and liberal philosophy: Enlightment liberalism is losing ground in the debate about how to deal with racism. We report on the battle of ideas 3 pages


Executive compensation: American bosses say that their firms' superior shreholder returns justify their own hefty pay cheques. Really? 2 pages

Online business: Investors are besotted with digital China. Two booming internet firms show why 2 pages


The global economy: Some economies are recovering speedily- but our analysis shows just how fragile consumer confidence can be 2 pages

China's stockmarket/ Global trade: leading question/ Stock exchanges: down time 3 pages


The 23rd International AIDS Conference: This year's AIDS conference brought snippets of good news. But the HIV pandemic is nowhere near over yet 2 pages

Archaelogy: Luminescence helps to date a remarkable new discovery at Stonehenge 1 page

Climate change: Emissions slashed today will be felt only in the middle of the century 1 page


Populism and democracy: An insider recounts the collpase of the intellectual coalition that was forged by the cold war 2 pages

Choral singing: voices off 1 page


GDP and life satisfaction 1 page


William Dement 1 page

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