THE ECONOMIST Vol.437 n°9220 14/10/2020 Covid-19 Vaccines: Suddenly, hope/ Asset management: The money doctors/ America's economy THE ECO 2020/11/14

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MAGAZINE ANGLAIS, DU 14 NOVEMBRE 2020 VOL.437 N°9220, 78 PAGES, CELEBRE REVUE DE REFERENCE, EN ANGLAIS. Très bon état (un trait sur la couverture, intérieur frais)

In this issue:

The world this week 2 pages

Leaders: Vaccines: suddenly, hope 1 page


Covid-19 vaccines: The technology of hope 3 pages


Nagorno-Karabakh: a bloody war ends in the Caucasus 2 pages

Corruption and Ukraine/ Europe's recovery fund 2 pages 

France fights jihadists in Africa 1 page


Protest in the provinces: small-town revolution 2 pages

Bagehot: Princess Diana, populist politician 1 page


Corruption in South Africa: The imminent arrest of a ruling-party bigwig is good news 2 pages

Why Zambia may default/ Fed-up feminists in Egypt/ Saeb Erekat, RIP 3 pages


Covid-19 and Biden: Transmission and the transition 2 pages

Republicans and the result/ The Pentagone: firings and hirings 2 pages

Fox news and Trump/ Rewilding the prairie/ The urban-rural divide 2 pages

Lexington: A Democratic defeat in victory 1 page


Asset management, the money doctors: 2 pages

Index funds/ Agency problems 2 pages

Capital allocations/ Private markets 3 pages

Venture capital/ The Chinese future 2 pages

Prescriptions 1 page


The impeachment of Martin Vizcarra 2 pages 

Central America: Greek tragedy 1 page

Bello: The problem of proxy presidents 1 page


Kyrgyzstan's president: a crowd-sourced commander-in-chief 2 pages

Sino-Australian trade/ India's covid-19-proof ruling party/ Myanmar's election 2 pages


Hong Kong's legislature: leaving in despair/ Self-help books: highly effective people's republic 2 pages

Chaguan: Musing over tea about unequal lives 1 page


American foreign policy: What the world wants from Biden 3 pages


China's battered entrepreneurs: The intimidation game 2 pages

Disney's TV success/ A growing taste for pastra/ Royal Enfield revs up 2 pages

Schumpeter: McDonald's supersized comeback 1 page


Startegies: Value investing struggles 3 pages


America's rebound 3 pages

The vaccine and investors/ Turkey's economic policy/ Grain prices in America/ A Swedish unicorn 2 pages

Free exchange: Working with epidemiologists 1 page


Fast tests for covid-19 2 pages

Life on Venus, redux/ Better disposable cups 1 page


Home truths: Britain and slavery 2 pages


Polling in America: How less-educated whites spurn Joe Biden 1 page


James Randi, magician and professional sceptic 1 page

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