THE ECONOMIST Vol.439 n°9242 24/04/2021 Russia's future: Putin's next move/ India's covid-19 catastrophe/ Europe's football fiasco/ Women in war THE ECO 2021/04/24

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MAGAZINE ANGLAIS, DU 24 AVRIL 2021 VOL.439 N°9242, 78 PAGES, CELEBRE REVUE DE REFERENCE, EN ANGLAIS. Couverture avec quelques marques mineures, intérieur frais


In this issue:

The world this week 2 pages

Leaders: Russia’s future: Putin’s next move 1 page

The pandemic in India 1 page


Putin’s Russia: Growing ever more repressive 2 pages

The Russian economy: Under siege 2 pages


Germany’s would-be chancellors, green on black 2 pages

Finland’s picky universities/ Writing the rules for AI/ Covid-19 in the Netherlands 2 pages

Charlemagne: The Draghi delusion 1 page


Commercial law: Globalisation brings business to London’courts, and creates new competition 2 pages

Bagehot: Football Tories1 page


Vaccination in Africa: doses of scepticism 2 pages

Chad’s president is killed/ Stateless in Zimbabwe/ Saudi Arabia’s big bet/ Egypt’s deadly trains 2 pages


Joe Biden’s foreign policy: overload 2 pages

Climate promises/ Derek’s Chauvin’s conviction/ Trans medicine/ Walter Mondale/ Southern Baptist’ demons 3 pages

Lexington: American v European sport 1 page


Immigration to Canada, a wider welcome 2 pages


India’s second wave: first as tragedy 2 pages

Politicking in Bengal/ Pakistan’s religious extremists/ Australia’s offensive geography/ Power grab in Kyrgyzstan 2 pages


Hacking in China: domestic surveillance programmes foreign spies 2 pages

Chaguan: Subversive art in Hong Kong 1 page


Women in war: female soldiers are changing how armed forces work 3 pages


The not-so-Super League 2 pages

Oilmen’s mega-bet on gas/ Uipath to automatism/ Post-pandemic etiquette/ The Shanghai non-motor show/ Merck’s first lady 3 pages

Schumpeter: Modi operandi 1 page


Governments’ foreign policy: The use of sanctions, handle with care 3 pages

Trading geopolitical risk/ Bad Debt in China/ Isaiah Andrews/ Emerging-market worries/ Europe’s BlackRock 3 pages

Free exchange: Vaccines and patents 1 page


Covid-19 and the Defence Production Act: American export controls threaten to hinder vaccine production 2 pages

Coffee and climate change/ Mapping cancer/ An ancient bacterium/ The first flight on Mars 2 pages


Awards v algorithms: the clout of the tastemaker is diminishing 2 pages

The trouble with peacekeeping 1/2 page


Suicide has become rarer during the pandemic 1 page


Bernard Madoff, a fraudster at scale 1 page

Les avis sur le produit THE ECONOMIST Vol.439 n°9242 24/04/2021 Russia's future: Putin's next move/ India's covid-19 catastrophe/ Europe's football fiasco/ Women in war

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