THE ECONOMIST Vol.435 n°9196 30/05/2020 Pandemic: The American way/ Is Honk Kong finished?/ Mercenaries in Africa/ US cyber-defence/ Covid-19 and face masks THE ECO 2020/05/30

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MAGAZINE ANGLAIS, DU 30 MAI 2020 VOL.435 N°9196, 78 PAGES, CELEBRE REVUE DE REFERENCE, EN ANGLAIS. Couverture avec quelques marques mineures, intérieur frais

In this issue:

The world this week 2 pages

Leaders: The American way 1 page


Covid-19 in America: America's response to pandemic reflects its strengths and weaknesses  4 pages


State aid: How temporary is the EU's go-ahead for government to prop up companies? 2 pages

Covid-19 in Germany/ Espionage acts/ Paris masked 2 pages

Eastern Europe's economies: The post-covid-19 recession could equal the post-communist one 1 page

Charlemagne: the benefits of Brexit 1 page


The Brexit negotiations: talks between Britain and the European Union next week are unlikely to make profress. That presages an awkward stocktaking summit in mid-June 2 pages

Bagehot: I love the sound of breaking rules 1 page


Wars in Africa: Why shakyAfrican governments hire private armies 2 pages

Burundi: where dead men vote/ Rwanda: mobile transactions/ Lebanon's crisis 2 pages


Cyber-defence: America rethinks its strategy in cyberspace, the world's most lawless battlefield 2 pages

Google and China/ The Mashpee Wampanoag/ troubled universities 2 pages

Lexington: Black America in peril 1 page


Brazil: The country entered the pandemic with some advantages. Because of jair Bolsonaro it is squandering them/ mexico: the mystery of the missing mummies 3 pages


North Korea's economy: A standoffish regime discovers the limits os self-reliance 2 pages

Universities in Australia/ India and China: mountain claimers/ Sexual minorities in Myanmar 3 pages


Honk Kong's freedoms: the end of Hong Kong as a place with its own values and freedoms has been called many times. Could its time at last be up? 3 pages

Chaguan: "Wolf warrior" fantasies 1 page


Travel after covid: Tourists are locked down at home. What awaits them when they re-emerge? 3 pages 


Adaptation: The need for more and better climate-adaptation policies is clearer than ever 2 pages


Chinese diaspora Inc: South-East Asia's tycoons balance competing demands from their adopted homes and their newly assertive ancestral land. Billions in profits are at stake 3 pages

Energy companies: Big oil tries to win back investors/ Carmaking: the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance gives it another go 2 pages


Private equity (1): private-equity firms claim they can turn a crisis into a opportunity 2 pages

Carmen Reinhart: no fear of floating/ Economis statistics: crisis measures 2 pages

Free exchange: a political economist 1 page


Covid-19 an face masks: Masks probably slow the spread of covid-19. But wearing one is an act of altruism 2 pages

Antifouling technology/ Recycling 2 pages


Artistic posterity: it takes planning, as well as talent, to secure a reputation as a great artist 2 pages

European history: The Habsburgs 1 page

Classi tv: damn fine coffee: "Twin Peaks" 2/3 page


Bogus academia: how to spot dodgy academic journals 1 page


Antonio Bolivar, the wisdom of the forest 1 page

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