THE ECONOMIST Vol.437 n°9225 19/12/2020 Christmas double issue: escape to Mars, Malaria's world impact, essay on girlhood, rural solitude in France, permafrost prophet, digital humanities THE ECO 2020/12/19

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DOUBLE ISSUE, in very good condition

In this issue:

The world this week 2 pages

Leaders: The plague year 1 page


End-of-the-year newsletters: dispatches from the days when the newsfeed was refreshed once a year, by past 3 pages

Solitude in rural France: Three months in the life of a French village reveals that isolation can mean solace as well as hardship 3 pages

History, written by vectors: How malaria shaped history 2 pages

An East London siege: Lives were lost and legends collided in a tumultuous stand-off that still echoes today 3 pages

Digital humanities, the book of numbers: How data analysis can enrich the liberal arts 3 pages

An economics heroine: The Alexander technique 2 pages

An universe of stones, The allure of pebbles: What is the lure of pebbles for a man who lives surrounded by them? 3 pages

An essay on girlhood: Being a girl is special, difficult and better than it used to be 5 pages

In praise of Erasmus, citizen of the world: A champion of moderation who had the misfortune to live in a revolutionnary era 3 pages

Hiking in South Korea: The country's hiking culture reflects its social pressures - and offers a reprieve from them 2 pages

Gay rights: Leo Abse's legacy 3 pages

Travels in Zululan: How a deal struck in the dying days of apartheid afflicts modern South Africa 3 pages

A trip to Mars, extraterrestrial hiking: Following the tracks of NASA's Curiosity rover 3 pages

Economies past: The history of home-working 2 pages

Shaolin monastery: Tales of a CEO monk 2 pages

The legacy of Reconstruction, revolutionary embers: How 14 years in America's history reshaped the country along lines still contested today 4 pages

Military deception, bodyguard of lies: Democracies need to re-learn the art of deception 2 pages

Prophet of permafrost: One Russian scientist's ambitious plan to show the thawing of the Arctic 3 pages


The varican's finances 2 pages

EU graft/ Balkan doctors/ Azerbaijan's towns 2 pages

Charlemagne: Tories and Christian Democrats 1 page


Negotiations with the U: an extra mile, a narrow path 2 pages

Brexit-related disruption/ Heathrow expansion/ Animal-welfare arms race 2 pages


The Arab spring at ten: no cause for celebration 2 pages

Iran hangs a dissident/ Clashes in Western Sahara/ Nigeria's lost boys/ Congo's gold-rush towns 2 pages


Georgia's Senate races, the decider 2 pages

New York's covid-19 shop/ The SolarWinds hack/ Covid-19 in schools 2 pages

Lexington: Good neighbours 1 page


Brazil's spending choices: awaiting their fate 2 pages 


Expatriates quit Asia: shipping out 2 pages

Preserving Yangon 1 page


Sexual harassment: #MeToo in court/ A UN proxy battle 2 pages


Waste-picking in the pandemic down in the dumps 3 pages


Big oil's diverging bets 2 pages

Streaming v cinemas 2/3 page

Schumpeter: The parable of Ryanair 1 page


Quantum computing and Wall Street 2 pages

Frothy markets/ the gold standard 2 pages

Free exchange: Reshoring supply chains1 page


The highest fidelity, an auricular spectacular 2 pages

Wheat and desert dust/ Tape's promising future 2 pages


Poerty on the Tube, tunnels of love 1 page

Winter weather: An history of snow 1 page


The media and pandemic: Covid-19's share of the news 1 page


John Le Carré, master of the spy novel 1 page

Les avis sur le produit THE ECONOMIST Vol.437 n°9225 19/12/2020 Christmas double issue: escape to Mars, Malaria's world impact, essay on girlhood, rural solitude in France, permafrost prophet, digital humanities

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