THE ECONOMIST Vol.435 n°9198 13/06/2020 The power of protest/ The limits of AI/ Post-pandemic cities/ Our US election model/ the business of deforestation THE ECO 2020/06/13

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Magazine anglais, 13 Juin 2020 Vol.435 n°9198, 70 pages, couverture en bon état, intérieur frais

In this issue:

The world this week 2 pages

Leaders: The power of protest and the legacy of George Floyd 1 page


Cities after covid-19: The destiny of density 3 pages


German economics: The pandemic has converted Germany to the joys of deficit spending 1 page

France: Raoultmania: a controversial doctor exposes fractures in French society 1 page

Charlemagne: The Sinatra doctrine 1 page


Remembering slavery: The topping of a statue helps to redress Britian's selective historical memory/ The Tories' promised land: Australia 2 pages

Bagehot: Battle for the working class 1 page


Industry in Africa: The continent is searching for its own path to economic take-off 2 pages

Burundi: few will mourn Pierre Nkurunziza/ Pandemic in the Middle East: an unwanted guest returns/ Libya's civil war: a warlord retreats 2 pages


The protests: No justice, no peace: Democrats are not organizing the protests. But they stand to gain from them 2 pages pages

The presidential campaign: Model voters 3 pages

Lexington: Lone Wolf 1 page


Freedom of the press: Governments all over Asia are silencing critical journalists 2 pages

Renewable energy in Japan: The promised reinvention of the power supply is not making much Headway 2 pages


AI (artificial intelligence) and its limits 10 pages


The Amazon: Big firms don't chop down trees. But their suplliers do 3 pages


Urban society: The Communist Party worries about weaknesses at the grassroots/ Street life: back peddling 2 pages

Chaguan: Pondering America's election 1 page


Black Lives Matter: The killing of one man in Minneapolis has sparked global protests 3 pages


Business and race in America: Bosses say tey are outraged about racial injustice in America. this is what USA can do about it 3 pages

Virgin: Richard Branson's business empire looks for help to fly through turbulence 1 page


Crude oil: Plunging investment, a battred cartel and the new fight over oil supply 2 pages

America's jobs market/ India's economy/ The yuan/ Bank provisions 4 pages


Planetary monitoring: A plan is developing to turn the atmosphere into one enormous sensor 2 pages

Laboratory mice/ Nasal probiotics 2 pages


Rethinking capitalism: Two authors wrestle with the spectre of inequality and the dangers of populism 2 pages

"Brideshead Revisited" at 75: Evelyn Waugh's ode to aristocratic languor coloured Britain's future as well as mourning its past 1 page


Deforestation in Brazil 1 page


Larry Kramer 1 page

Les avis sur le produit THE ECONOMIST Vol.435 n°9198 13/06/2020 The power of protest/ The limits of AI/ Post-pandemic cities/ Our US election model/ the business of deforestation

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